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Who we are

The Prime Estates is a Partnership firm engaged in real estate development for the last 8 Years. They have been associated with a following project .The present proposal involves the Sale of Devleoped Plots in a Gated Community at Kuvathur, Kanchipuram District. They have netered into a Joint Venture Project with the Land lords for developing a residemtial Lay out involving a area of 5.73 Acres And another project In Kuthambakkam village 9 acres for development of CMDA approved plots.

Industry Scenario

Currently, about 5% of India's GDP is contributed by the housing sector. The GDP share of the Real Estate Sector (including ownership of dwellings) along with the business services was 10.60% in 2010 – 11. Estimate show that every rupee invested that is invested in housing and construction, 0.78 paisa gets added to GDP. Housing ranks fourth in terms of the multiplier effect on the economy and third among 14 major industries in terms of total linkage effect according to Economic Survey 2011 – 12.

Future Outlook

India will have around 27 to 30 million shortage of housing units by 2013 and for this, huge amount is required to carry on the development. The real estate sector in India is being recognized as an infrastructure service that is driving the economic growth of our country. In fact FDI in the sector is expected to increase to US $ 25 Bn in the next 10 years, from present US $ 4 Bn. Residential property prices are stabilized now and deemed attractive for the NRI home buyer.

The Prime Estates

The Prime Estates is a Partnership Firm with Smt. Anithah Panickar as the Managing Partner. She is a Graduate in mathematics and has over 14 years of experience in the Real Estate business.
Smt. Padmavathy Ramadoss was working in Syndicate Bank. After retirement she joined Mrs.Anithah Panickar to form a partnership firm in the name of The Prime Estates.

Prime Deals

Sri.Sunil Panickar have been rendering Real Estate Services for more than 22 years, Real Estate business Advisory Services to reputed corporate clients like ITC Limited, ETA Group, Sundaram Clayton Limited, Tata Housing Development, Shaf India, SRM Group, Green Avenue Builders, and others. (A detailed client list is enclosed). Their services to their clients include identifying the properties for purchase, Joint ventures for construction and also for high value Residential rentals and commercial rentals

Mi Eco Earth

Mi Eco Earth services for more than 4 years, its resolves to achieve and sustain a reputation for excellence in & around Chennai construction markets and shall strive to satisfy the customer's needs by executing the works to consistently high quality standards at competitive prices and within the timeframe agreed to.
We shall comply with the requirements and continually improve the quality management system with the following objectives:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Employee motivation and empowerment.
  • Continual growth with a vision to be leading engineering construction company.

Project Executed by the Firm

The firm already completed a good joint venture project in a prestigious location. The project is in an elite location and was constructed with luxury finishes. The property is at V.Gangadaran Street, in Nungambakkam near Valluvar Kottam in a posh location. We had entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with the Landlord to develop this property. We have constructed 4 flats The construction envisaged by was of a very high quality targeting the high end customers. As such as the materials used and the amenities provided was comparable to the best in the High end Market.

Prime Estate
Business Planning
Prime Deals

Demand for real estate is expected to grow at Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19%, Tier – I metro cities are projected to account for about 40% on this. With institutional credit for housing investments growing at CAGR of about 18% to 20% in the next 3 to 5 years, the housing sector contribution to GDP is likely to increase to 6%.